After being in quarantine for over 4 months, Dezeree had the time to create her best inner and outer self. As her journey began, she started to fall in love with self-care, self-love, and self-growth. Taking care of herself physically, mentally, and spiritually came easy. Therefore, she decided to start her own skincare business called Celf-Love Skin Care by Dezeree. 

She created the name brand Celf-Love Skin Care because she believes a person's body is a wonderful Temple. The human body is composed of many different types of CELLS that together create your skin, tissues, and subsequently organ systems. As mentioned at the top of this page her mission statement states "Empower you to feel Fearless, Strong and confident about yourself and to help you create your best inner and outer self. 

Come begin your Celf-Love journey today by investing in our  Celf-Love product or by being apart of our Celf-Love Royalty family $10 a month membership program, which includes: Monthly motivational surprises, free products, and more!! 

Celf Love or Self Love:                                           

- Having high regard for your well-being and happiness.  

- Not settling for less than you deserve.