The Power of Mudrās Blog


A Mudrā is a Sanskrit term for symbolic or ritual hands, body, or face gestures that act in the flow of energy, breath, alignment, and movement. There are over hundreds of Mudrās from the spiritual tribes of India and Tibet. Mudrās are practiced in yoga, meditation, and dance. Although used whenever and wherever to channel higher energies of the divine. Mudrās can power our energy body and help balance our well-being. They can be practiced seated, standing, walking, or lying down. 

Mudrās deliver numerous benefits physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. It encourages positive results that lower pain conditions, boost vitality to uplift our spirit, manipulate our minds to stay self-assured, and wise and connect us to the divine cosmos.

Yoga & Meditation

Mudrās are used in connection with pranayama (breath work), and asana (positions) which stimulate the center of the energy body (Chakras). 


Mudrās link to the expression of movement in the body. This symbolizes the power of imagery, deities, and storytelling of the body. 


The awareness of Mudras while performing Celflove, is a guide to unlocking your awakened Celf. Activities such as yoga, meditation, chanting, nature walks, and dance to name a few, activate light, love, and peace within your life. What is performed inside is reflected outside. 

Chakras & Mudrās

Chakra (Cha-kra) is the energy point or center within our body. Known as an essential way to understand our body, these wheel-like vortexes draw in and radiate energy on vibrational levels. They govern organs and glands that are connected to other body parts which resonate at the same frequency. Having balanced and aligned chakras, will make us happier, healthier, and more in tune with ourselves. According to yoga traditions on Indian philosophy, the energy that resonates with our fingers are related to the five elements earth, water, fire, air, and ether. That said, practicing mudras will enhance the flow of energy through the chakra center. Mudras are associated with the connection of chakras through their colorful energy to assist in activating our body, soul, and spirit.

                                           Different Mudras 

Root Chakra-Bhu Mudra or the mother earth Mudra: Helps to ground and connect energy with the awareness of the spirit, body, and soul. This mudra reduces stress and blood pressure while activating the root chakra. 

Sacral Chakra- Mira Mudra: Helps to create inner nourishment, provides relief for asthma, and promotes abdominal breathing, and serenity. It supports reproductive, eliminatory, and urinary systems while activating the sacral chakra. 

Solar Chakra- Surya Mudra: Personal power, clarity, self-esteem. Helps to support digestion and life experiences. 


Heart Chakra- Uttarabodhi Mudra: Is the awakening truth of life. It attracts inspiration, boosts mental awareness, and directs the breath to the heart, chest, and ribs while cultivating stability which activates the heart chakra.

Throat Chakra- Garuda Mudra: Assists openness, balance, communication, and alignment while activating the throat chakra.


Third Eye Chakra- Citta Mudra: Creates wisdom, and concentration. It reduces tension, enhances awareness, and liberation while activating the third eye chakra .  

Crown Chakra - Dharma Mudra: Helps to balance integration, illumination, and vision of all energy centers of the body. This mudra is the complete power source of the body while activating the crown chakra. 


It’s important to remove blockages from our chakra center to assist the energetic flow from the roots of our feet to the crown of our head. Using mudras is a great way to strengthen and stimulate our energetic channels. 

While allowing your awareness to deepen and focus, notice how the mudra can change the quality of your thoughts, feelings, and actions.