Q. Are these products for Men and Women? 
A. YES! All our products are unisex. Everyone deserves CELFLOVE! 
 Q. When will I start seeing results from using these products? 
A. Your skin should start feeling more hydrated and healthier after 4-6 weeks with consistent use. We tested our products on family, friends, for samples etc..
Q. Are these products going to work on my skin?
A. We can not guarantee that it will work on everyone because everyone has a different type of skin but when it works it WORKS!
Q. What is the shelf life for the oils?
A. Shelf life for oils: 6 months to a year after first time use. 
Q. What if I break out from using these products? 
A. All products are made with Love, natural ingredients that your temple(body) needs and never tested on animals. For your safety, make sure to read the ingredient description to prevent allergic reactions. BPA/FDA approved.  
Q. What ingredients do you use? 
A.  All of our products either include Jojoba oil, Hempseed oil, Grapeseed oil, Almond oil, honey, vitamin C, Himalayan salt, Aloe Vera, or Banana powder.
Q.Where are your shipping locations and how long does shipping take? 
A. United States 3-5 business days  & Canada 7-5 business days. During holiday times shipping may be delayed due to USPS please be mindful. We do not ship on Weekends. 
Q. Do you have any products that reduce stress and anxiety and will allow me to feel free-minded and calm?
A. We all go through times were stress and anxiety play a huge part in our life but, we have something to help reduce that! Our Royalty Rose' Oil uses  Hempseed Oil. Research has shown hempseed oil helps with staying calm and being relaxed. https://helloned.com/blogs/wellness/cbd-oil-for-anxiety
Q. Are these products good for extremely damaged skin?
A. Our products cater to many different skin types, one including damaged and irritated skin for all ages. 

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